What is Brainport Industries?

ASML, Philips Healthcare, FEI and OcĂ© Technologies/Canon are world leaders in their markets. According to market research, most of the suppliers contributing to the success of these OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)  are based in the Netherlands. The Netherlands, and in particular the Brainport region around Eindhoven, are key players in the development, manufacturing and marketing of some of the most advanced, precise and intelligent machines. OEMs competing on the international market for high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity machines have been outsourcing the manufacturing of sub-assemblies and larger non-core submodules to strategic suppliers for quite some time and are now increasingly outsourcing the design and development of the equipment they manufacture as well. What they're doing in fact, is giving suppliers full responsibility for these modules, from design through to manufacturing.

This shift is driving suppliers to push their own boundaries in terms of feasibility and responsibility, and to extend their reach across international borders in order to tap into new, foreign markets. This can be quite challenging for individual suppliers because their companies are often too small or don't have enough financial power. But together, they are strong.

Under the auspices of Stichting Brainport, the leading tier-one, tier-two and tier-three high-tech suppliers in the region of Eindhoven decided to give this unique high-tech hub a face: Brainport Industries. Brainport Industries was established so suppliers can join forces to strengthen the professional character and competitive position of the high-tech supply chain. As partners, suppliers can contribute to the continuity and growth of the high-tech industry and work toward achieving the ambitions set out in Brainport 2020. Brainport Industries provides a fertile ground and a solid structure for collaborative projects whether they are related to technology, markets or people. It's an environment that provides for a continuing flow of knowledge workers and experts and enables suppliers to increase their output and steadily grow into market leaders.