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High Tech

Bakker Fijnmetaal

Precise, that ‘s why!

Bakker Fijnmetaal produces fine mechanical parts for a wide range of constructions, components and applications. These precision components are meticulously produced and widely tested before they leave our factory.
Our completely automated machinery guarantees you a short lead time and cost-efficient-production. The materials used include copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and various plastics.
Bakker has an assembly hall and a clean room. Bakker Fijnmetaal’s experienced professionals carry out the assembly work. All the means required to clean and assemble your products are there.
To develop customer-specific products, Bakker Fijnmetaal uses CAD software to draw your design. If necessary, Bakker has the use of an engineering department.
From first idea to final product, Bakker Fijnmetaal is able to help you.