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Smart Factory Europe (SF EU)



Smart Factory Europe is a European project that aims to accelerate the digitalization of the European manufacturing industry. 

This alliance was established between 3 European partners:  

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Smart Factory Kaiserslautern (this is a German cooperation platform consisting of over 50 partners from industry and research), Flanders Make (this is a strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry with over 600 researchers) and Brainport Industries.

By bundling their strenghts and learning from each other, this project supports the European manufacturing industry with the aim to:

  • build a network of Europese Digitale Hubs (EDIH) that:
    • supports the implementation of digital technologies by the manufacturing industry;
    • share knowledge of EU Competence Centers in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security and advanced production;
    • are embedded in the local economy and built on existing activities and facilities;
    • are embedded in a European network of Smart Factories;
  • a European network of SmartFactory EU (EDIH);
  • Participants are Smart Manufacturing Hubs / Centers that offer facilities to the manufacturing industry.

Participants from other European countries are most welcome to join this cooperation. 

For more information, please visit the website or contact  John Blankendaal.

On this project an article was published in Link Magazine Southern Netherland Special April 2020.