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Addit, the right choice for global challenge


Addit is a system supplier and contract manufacturer of custom made:

  • Complex sheetmetal structures,
  • (Electro)-mechanical and mechatronical modules up to
  • Complete machines, systems and devices.

Furthermore, we offer complementary services like:

  • (Concurrent) Engineering, Sheetmetal Design, Prototyping & Testing
  • Value Engineering,
  • Purchasing/Subcontracting & Supply Chain Management
  • Re-Engineering

We operate from manufacturing plants in Venlo-Netherlands (50 employees) and in Wegrow- Poland (650 employees,

We focus on technology oriented companies, particularly in the business:

  • Agro&Food,
  • Healthcare/Life Sciences,
  • Inspection/Testing/Measuring
  • Industrial Manufacturing

who develop and manufacture products that could be characterized as:
Low Volume, High Mix and High Complexity and doing so, outsource (part of) their manufacturing process.

Archimedesweg 2 5928 PP Venlo Nederland
+31 (0) 773 20 34 00


Peter Kerstjens
Managing Director