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Brabant Engineering

A multidisciplinary engineering firm


A leading name in it's industry since it's establishment in 1979, Brabant Engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering firm that manages projects from start to finish, both at its own offices and at client sites. Brabant Engineering's competitive edge is it's extensive expertise in a variety of mechanical engineering areas. This expertise is guaranteed through the long-term relationships we build with our clients. We provide a comprehensive package of engineering services, from the conceptual to the manufacturing stage, fully in line with the highest standards our clients have come to expect from us. Besides technical skills, we also provide the appropriate service and aftercare so as to remain accessible to our clients at all times. We refer to this as the "fourth dimension" we add by way of quality assurance. We are truly the right partner when it comes to achieving the highest standards in technology.

De Waal 22 5684 PH Best Nederland
+31 (0) 499 37 73 33


Sjef van de Laak
Managing Director