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ETF Machinefabriek B.V.

Imaginative Engineering


ETF is a healthy, modern, independent organisation formed by ETF Machinefabriek and ETF Ride Systems. We design and build processing machines for the carpet, vinyl and non-woven industry with ETF Machinefabriek.
ETF Ride Systems develops rides that enhance the experience of a theme park; both trackbound and trackless, in the water, on the ground, elevated or suspended. All our ride concepts have the flexibility to integrate into a parks backdrop or to represent a specific theme.

ETF has been around since 1951 and is an established name in both markets. We export 95% to Europe, USA, Middle East and Far East.

Randweg Zuid 11 6031 SX Nederweert Niederlande
+31 (0)495-677 000


Peter Kerstjens