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For the smart management of your factory and/or machinery you require a High Level Control system (HLC). These systems are most likely complex tailor made software-applications, which are the linking pin between your ERP on one hand and your PLC embedded software on the other hand. Festa is a specialist in the development of these complex tailor made HLC systems from design, development, hosting and maintenance and we do so since 2008. We surround ourselves with partners in the High Tech Software Cluster in order to provide our customers a vertical integrated end-to-end solution. Our hidden immaterial but vital software can be made instantly visible and therefore understandable in the virtual world (Digital Twin), even by people who have any software skills.


Based on our own software development platform Festa Factory, that leverages the Model Driven Engineering (MDE) principle with a custom Domain Specific Language (DSL) into generated code, we develop these HLC systems at an unprecedented high level of productivity and quality. High productivity and quality means shorter throughput times and time to market and therefore we promise our customers a high Return on Investment. Herewith we underscore the customer’s need for “First-time-right software engineering”, i.e. “Error-Free Code”. Subsequently, our software can be tested endlessly on a Digital Twin, i.e. “Code-Complete”. If the software is error free and complete, the software is fit for use, our definition of high quality.

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Jeroen de Bruijn
Managing Partner