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NTS is the partner of choice for high technological original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the semiconductor and analytical market. With our global presence and broad technological expertise, we push the boundaries of possible. By combining design, manufacturing, and assembly, we play an integral role in bringing the supply chain together. We combine the best skills and brightest ideas into a robust working system for the most advanced semiconductor and analytical solutions in the world. Always focusing on our customer’s need for short time-to-market and product leadership – that is our promise.

Innovating together 
To be a partner-of-choice, we must think along and innovate together. The market demands a global focus for OEMs in high-tech industries. As a first-tier contract manufacturer, we align with the technological roadmap of our customers. That’s why we chose to have a global presence at any time. We quickly became an international player operating from different sites spread across Europe, Asia and the US.  

While we provide a great place to work for our teams across the world, we always make sure to remain firmly rooted in local ecosystem. In the end, the core of our business is formed by our people. Their excellent making skills, customer-focused mentality and bright engineering solutions make NTS what it is today. Together we create a culture where everyone can be proud because we make the impossible possible.

Some facts

  • Headquarters: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Global locations: The Netherlands, China, Singapore, Czech Republic, United States
  • More than 70 years of experience in the manufacturing industry
  • More than 1.800 employees
  • More than € 421 million turnover


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Dillenburgstraat 9 5652 AM Eindhoven Nederland
+31 (0)40 259 72 00


Ed van der Sluijs