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The project Digital Factory of the Future aims to create the outline for a digital factory, by integrating data-driven innovations. The competitive position of industrial companies is more and more determined by the level of collaboration in an eco-system of design, production and maintenance of products. This increasingly involves data that needs to be shared within a complex production environment and/or in a supply chain, such as machine, production or process data. Digitization is a critical parameter in this setting. The project Digital Factory of the Future works together with entrepreneurs from the manufacturing industry on an environment in which they can experiment with data-driven innovation and technology. Its goal is to create an environment where companies can visualize how a digital factory works and how they can implement it in their own situation. The project will deliver an open reference architecture (blue print) for sharing data within and between companies, validated with different relevant use cases. 

BIC 1 5657BX Eindhoven Nederland


Laurens Meijering
Project Manager