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Axxicon BV began its journey in 1947 as a toolmaker, evolving over the years into a specialized company with in-house expertise in engineering, milling, turning, grinding, lapping, polishing, and injection molding. To ensure the highest precision and quality, our entire facility - from production to assembly - is equipped with climate control, and we hold ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications.

Axxicon is part of the PM Group (, a collection of companies, each with its own specialization in producing high-quality precision mechanical parts and engineering and manufacturing mechatronic systems. The group has a turnover of €100 million and employs 500 people. PM and HTM Technologies are among the companies within the group.


Axxicon operates in three main product areas:

Ultra Precision Machining:

Axxicon specializes in providing precision components. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment and measurement technology to meet increasingly demanding technical specifications. We excel in lapping, polishing, and hard milling with extreme flatness and low roughness.

Precision Injection Moulding:

Axxicon specializes in injection molding of medical and optical products. Particularly thin-walled products with microstructures such as microfluidics and "lab-on-a-chip" products for life sciences companies. The necessary moulds are manufactured in-house.

AIMTM Quick Change Mould:

The AIM™ Quick Change Mould is a flexible mould system designed for producing trial products such as tensile test bars and color plates through injection molding to precisely determine material properties according to internationally accepted ISO, ASTM, or UL standards. The unique feature of this system is the ability to change the product-forming inserts in seconds. Axxicon sells this system to the global polymer industry as an OEM through agents.

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Dirk Verhoeven
Managing Director