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BKB Precision

High Performance Plastics Machining


BKB Precision is the trading name of Van Den Berg Kunststofbewerking b.v., which has been a reliable partner in high performance plastics machining for 35 years.
We have developed into a specialist in the machining of so-called high performance plastics or engineering plastics. We are active in various industry sectors, such as high-tech, semiconductor, medical, defence, aerospace and chemicals.

Whether it regards machining (CNC milling and lathing), shaping or assembling plastics, we will realise challenging products together with you. We view the complexity of your design as a challenge and that is where our strength lies. A lot is possible!

We could not exist without our highly trained and motivated personnel, who are the secret behind the high quality of our products, made with the help of state-of-the-art machines. 

As plastics machinists, we are happy to share our knowledge regarding the plastics and machining possibilities with your design engineers and purchasers. From prototypes to several units to medium sized production series, we provide the precision you need worldwide. 

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Production facilities, 5-axis milling machine, portal milling machine, cleaning Street

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Product examples


Ekkersrijt 'Science Park' 5208 5692 EG Son Nederland
+31 (0)40 267 01 01


Mannes Westhuis
Managing Director

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