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Specialist in Metal Forming and Plastic Molding, Engineering, Tooling and Manufacturing


Euro-Techniek is a specialist on metal forming and plastic molding. In these area we take care of product and process engineering, design and build tooling, and manufacturing of components by molding and forming. Unique is the combination of these activities under a single roof. We are a technical driven company, take pride in our craftsmanship, knowledge and equipment. We work efficient and effective, resulting in high delivery accuracy, and a low level of complaints. We keep our overhead low with a short chain of command. We are ISO9001 (basic quality), ISO13485 (medical), IATF-TS16949 (automotive) and ISO14644 (clean room) certified.

De Run 4311 5503 LP Veldhoven Nederland
+31 (0)40 253 99 95


Roland Sniekers
Managing Director