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Metel B.V.

Special metals and components

Metel was founded in 2013 and is a distinctive supplier and service provider within the metal industry. Metel specializes in delivering high-performance metals. These special metals are characterized by their specific mechanical values such as providing a superior heat resistance, high conductivity, high corrosion resistance, specific strength, etc. They find their way into a wide range of industries such as automotive, petrochemical, medical, aviation, offshore and semi-conductor industry.

High Performance Metals
In addition to supplying high-performance metals Metel gives advice and assistance in the field of specials. These include: hard to find alloys, special dimensions, specific tolerances or combinations of them.

Van Harenstraat 4 5145 RJ Waalwijk The Netherlands
+31 (0)416 72 48 00


Dennis Wijnants
Managing Director