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KMWE launches dedicated website 'Careers at KMWE'

KMWE launches dedicated website 'Careers at KMWE'

Since 6 September 2021, KMWE has a new website 'Careers at KMWE'.
They have developed this website, in addition to their already existing website, especially for professionals, starters and students. On this website, all job listings can be found, both nationally and internationally (KMWE Malaysia), as well as job listings at their subsidiary ATM Oirschot.
There is also a lot of information about KMWE as an employer and a few colleagues will tell you how they have advanced within the organization.
‘Our goal here is to paint a complete picture and to show how great it is to work for an innovative company like KMWE and thus improve our position in the labour market,' says KMWE.
The website is entirely bilingual (the Dutch URL is
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