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Nossin Fijnmechanische Industrie

The Art of Fine Mechanical Perspective


Nossin Fijnmechanische Industrie produces complex fine-mechanical components with a guaranteed high level of precision, in all types of steel and non-ferrous metals. We are specialised in the machining of aluminium products. Therefore we have ultramodern machinery available which are able to produce 24 hours with a minimum of manpower. We also have considerable experience in the assembly of components. We can therefore assemble the components produced into modules.

Nossin FMI works for national and international clients in various industrial sectors, such as machine and equipment construction, the semiconductor industry, the medical and laboratory technology industry, and the electrotechnical and power industries. Nossin FMI also manufactures components for measurement and monitoring equipment. ​

Rijakkerweg 9 5741 RR Beek en Donk Nederland
+31 (0)492 38 29 77


Robert Nossin