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Tenfold Group B.V.

The perfect fit for your packaging challenges

Tenfold Group is your dedicated packaging specialist. We blend a fresh perspective on contemporary challenges with decades of experience, serving clients all over the world. Driven by knowledge, experience, and a passion for the most efficient and effective solutions, we create 'The Perfect Fit'.

We operate from Weert, Eindhoven, Drunen, and Breda. We assist companies and organizations in creating added value in crucial areas such as product protection, sustainability, brand experience, damage reduction, ergonomics, and cost management.

The combined strength of Tenfold
To collaboratively address the most challenging packaging issues, Tenfold is organized into five fully modular divisions. This way, we unite expertise with a comprehensive perspective on packaging challenges. Get to know our divisions:

  • Tenfold Industrial Packaging
  • Tenfold Packaging Supplies
  • Tenfold Design & Engineering
  • Tenfold Supply Chain Services
  • Tenfold Logistic Services

Tenfold Industrial Packaging (Breda and Weert)
Tenfold Industrial Packaging specializes in designing and manufacturing custom packaging solutions. We create packaging solutions that perfectly align with your product, specifications, and processes. Together, we develop packaging for valuable machinery, equipment, and parts, varying in size and dimension.

Tenfold Packaging Supplies (Eindhoven)
A good package prevents more than just damage. The best packaging optimizes your production process, improves ergonomic loads, and contributes to a reduction in material consumption and costs. Tenfold not only advises you on suitable packaging materials, methods, and accessories, but also because we have over 100,000 different products in stock, we can deliver quickly and in large quantities.

Do you have a packaging issue? A challenge for our packaging experts? A great idea you'd like to discuss? Then, please contact us, and we'd be happy to talk about it.


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Esp 125 5633 AA Eindhoven The Netherlands
+31 (0)40 291 93 93


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