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Witec Fijnmechanische Techniek

Let’s innovate together


We enable our clients to outperform their competitors and to create a sustainable competitive advantage by innovating together.

From our basis in precision engineering technology, we develop, manufacture and sell products and assemblies. In addition, we show entrepreneurship by our willingness to invest in a risk sharing way in the creation of serial repeat production and the assembly of innovative, technologically leading products.

Witec enables its clients to realize such technological innovations through close collaboration with Witec’s own R&D department, which specilizes in product and production development.

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      Motion          Precision         Medical

Witec Motion
Specialist in the development of seriesflow production and the assembly of high-tech systems for several applications.

Witec Precision
Manufactures precision parts accurate to the micrometre thanks to efficiënt precesses and hightech equipment.

Witec Medical
Service partner in the development and manufacturing of surgical instruments and medical devices and implants. EN ISO 13485:2016 certified.

Stelmaker 7 9502 KA Stadskanaal Nederland
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Marc Dekker
Sales Manager