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Technical training is expensive, due to in particular the capital-intensive machines, teaching aids and other equipment that are necessary. Many educational institutions in the Netherlands are struggling to even maintain (expensive) technical courses, let alone give technical education an extra innovative impetus. Innovative technology education can only be realised through smart and sustainable partnerships between (multiple) educational institutions and companies.

FutureTec therefore aims to give substance to innovative technical education in the Brainport region through far-reaching cooperation between educational institutions, companies, suppliers and government institutions.

Combining public and private investment will further stimulate the cooperation between education and high-tech businesses in an ecosystem with strong mutual relationships. This ecosystem leads to more educational innovation and an increased influx of young professionals.

In addition, this ecosystem will concentrate on the sustainable employability of current and future technicians, focusing on ‘Lifelong Development’. In this way, the ecosystem makes a direct contribution to strengthening the position of the Brainport region as an innovation leader in the high-tech manufacturing industry.

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Arold Moonen
Project Manager