Your High Tech Open Supply Network

Market 4.0


In the European MARKET 4.0 project a digital environment is being developed for the collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers. This environment is based on the Dutch Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN) and the underlying Internationale Data Spaces (IDS) standard for data sharing. In the project the standards will be further extended with advanced functionalities like simulations, VR/AR, digital twinning and supply chain visibility.

This will create a market place for three focus areas:

  • metal ;
  • plastics- and composits and
  • high-tech equipment

In the Netherlands the main focus will be on the high-tech supplier network.

The aim of this project is that manufacturing companies will be able to cooperate better and more reliable and that they are being supplied with more transparant ways of working in the supply chain.


Open Call

For this project a subsidy will be available for (cooperative) manufacturing companies that want to realize supply chain cooperation and for companies that want to establish new (software) services for supply chain cooperation.  Subsidy calls are welcome from March 1 - May 29, 2020. 

Information meeting on March 4, 2020

During the information meeting on March 4, 2020 some 40 interested parties were present. They were informed in more details on the Market 4.0 project, the conditions for participation and in a workshop related project ideas were discussed with each other. Deadline for the open call is May 28, 2020.

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please contact John Blankendaal