Your High Tech Open Supply Network

Unique Supply Network ready to support you

Together the members of Brainport Industries create a unique ecosystem that can manage the entire supply chain for high-mix, low-volume and high-complex systems, sub-assemblies and components.


Easy access to every conceivable knowledge base

A single company gives you easy and quick access to a wide variety of technology and High-Tech facilities. You can ramp up quickly whenever you need to because the members know each other well and all speak the same language.

Series production of cutting edge technology

The members of Brainport Industries design and manufacture very complex systems, sub-assemblies and components in series. They have a proven track record and long-standing B2B relationships with companies such as Philips, ASML and FEI. They are active in the High Tech, semicon, automotive, analytical, medical, printing and photovoltaic markets amongst others.