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Etteplan is an international rapidly growing and developing expert company with offices in Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and China. We specialize in engineering solutions, technical documentation solutions and software & embedded solutions.
We believe that solving tomorrow's challenges will require a different, more structured, and focused approach. We want to let you concentrate on your core business. Based on our insights in varied industry sectors, we provide innovative solutions in all of our service areas. Our specialists provide unique engineering expertise and service products covering the entire product life cycle.

Engineering Services
In the Netherlands Etteplan is a multi-disciplinary high-tech engineering consultancy (former Tegema) in the field of customized precision mechanics and mechatronics. Our engineers develop smart solutions in order to let you be successful in your market.

We are passionate about developing and optimising production processes. The shift towards mass customisation, digitisation and increasing innovation rates makes our work technologically challenging. And we thrive on doing cool technical projects!

We do this in a friendly way, whereby humans are at the centre of our solution. We know how to use technology to help us humans do what we are good at. Our aim is also to keep production local, to maintain an inclusive society. Our drive is to solve Industry 4.0 challenges for OEMs and first-tier system suppliers. This will result in a flexible and efficient production process for you. Your team and resources can remain focused on your innovation.

Technical Documentation Services
Is your technical documentation future-proof? We help you produce and manage all technical documentation and information starting from the engineering of your product or plant, right up until its modernization or recycling. Your product information will always be high quality, up to date, readily available and reusable. As technical documentation specialists who use the latest technology, we bring cost effectiveness and quality to your company’s technical documentation processes. 

We enjoy working in innovative industries. Our market focus is on Semiconductor, Medical Technology, Mobility, Electronics, Photonics, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery and components, and Energy. We prefer long-term relationships; the better we know you, the more value we can provide.

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Pierre van Lamsweerde
General Manager