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Innovation program 'Factory of the Future'


This program is part of the “Smart Industry” line of the High Tech Systems and Materials program of the province of Noord Brabant, which has been drafted by companies, knowledge institutes, educators and sector associations in close cooperation with the province of Noord Brabant, Brainport Industries and the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM). The aim of the program is to jointly develop faster and smarter production processes and sharing (innovation) facilities, leading to lower cost, higher quality and above all a faster time to market for innovative products. The topics within the innovation program 'Factory of the Future' have been divided the following projects:

Fieldlab Flexible Manufacturing
This Fieldlab aims to make production processes more flexible through robotics, ICT and operator support systems, etc. Faster changeovers and zero programming will allow a large product mix to be manufactured in small series more easily and flexibly and with zero defects. Read more...

Fieldlab Smart Connected Supplier Network
Fieldlab that aims to make the exchange of information in the supply chain more efficient through standardization and interoperability, starting with ERP software. Read more...

Fieldlab Multimaterial 3D printing
Focus on developing completely new value chains, based on next-generation, multi-material 3D-printing technologies and associated data-management systems.

AddFab K3D
The testing factory AddFab will be a pilot location and a competence center, with the ambition to develop world class 3D printed metal parts for a broad range of High Tech and High End Manufacturing applications, with a focus on industrialisation and quality management.

Fieldlab High Tech Software Competence Center
Consortium of 20+ high-tech software firms focusing on virtual prototyping & design, model-based software and data analytics & services. Demonstrates how ground breaking, innovative software contributes to more efficient and flexible and higher-quality hardware development and production. Read more...

Defining innovative technical education in the Brainport region by collaboration intensively with educational institutes, companies, suppliers and government institutes, within a new eco system.

Advanced Manufacturing Logistics
Smart logistic real-life showcase in the area of physical and IT infrastructure and chain management.


Around 75 companies and 6 knowledge institutes are involved in the innovation program. The facilities for the ‘Factory of the Future’ are currently being realized at the Brainport Industries Campus.