Magnetic Domains

Soft magnetics – masters in materials and inductive solutions 

Two companies one domain

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PHYNICX™ is Europe’s largest stockist of reliable controlled expansion and soft magnetic alloys as INVAR, KOVAR, MUMETAL, FeNi 48. From all semi-finished forms to pre-machined shapes. 
PHYNICX™ has a large stock that covers almost all dimensions possible, for reliable and effective delivery throughout the world. From her profound expertise in magnetic alloys PHYNICX has also become an semi-manufacturer of magnetic shieldings (sheet metal or machined, fully magnetically heat treated). More on 

ISE MAGNETICS™ is a manufacturer and design house of custom inductive components; having production and offices in western and eastern Europe, we also subcontract production in Asia which we strictly prescribe, controll and inspect. More on

The Magnetic Domains staff consists of 50 people. 


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Stephan Batenburg

Managing Director